What to Bring?


The BVI is another country.  If your day on the water will consist of going to somewhere within the BVI, every passenger onboard will need to have a valid passport.

Gas Money

What most folks won’t tell you is that when you charter a boat, fuel is not included.  Sadly, many charter companies will not divulge that information at booking, which can really put a damper on a day out on the water.  Expect to need between 20 and 30 gallons of gas depending on the day’s activities.  Current prices in St Thomas are around $6 a gallon


You’ll need $35 cash for customs if your group is entering the BVI.  If you would like to visit any of the BVI National Parks, you’ll need an additional $6 per person.


The Caribbean sun is HOT and can really burn you, even if you are exposed to a lot of sun at home.  We recommend you bring at least SPF 30 sunblock


When you arrive in the morning, water and ice will be provided in the cooler.  If you’d like anything else to drink, you’ll need to bring that along yourself.


You may or may not need towels (your preference).  If your day involves the Soggy Dollar Bar or snorkeling you’ll be much happier with a towel.